100% free and open source picture viewer

Fast Picture Viewer for Windows with compact UI, that can be hidden.

Features image effects, galleries, EXIF, image optimization and more.
The application will automatically adjusts itself to your screen.

Clean, free, fast. No bloated UI. No annoying pop-ups.

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PicView free and fast picture viewer, light theme PicView open source image viewer that support zipped files, dark theme

Why use PicView


Uses a built-in preloader to instantly switch to next image.

Clean Design

Compact and neatly organized UI, that can be completely hidden

Archive loading

View pictures inside archives such as ZIP, RAR, 7z, etc (requires 7-Zip or WinRAR to be installed).

Adapts to Screen

The application will automatically fit itself to best fit on your screen

Configurable UI

Change it and customize it to your liking

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Want to just show the image with no UI?

Toggle the UI by pressing Alt + Z. Hold shift down to drag window.

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UI Settings

The hover buttons and the colored window border can be turned on/off in the settings window.

You can chose a dark or a white theme and choose your favorite accent color.

Change background

Press T to toggle background for images with transparent background

Display Image Info

Quickly view image info, which will update values as you browse through images.

PicView Image Info Window PicView Image Info Window

Date and time format will be based on your system settings.

Shader effects/Image filters

Choose between 27 different shader effects

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Quickly view images with effects applied to them

Effect will be kept when changing images, allowing you to quickly ascertain how each image would look with a certain filter applied.

Effects can be saved on your machine. Effects will also be applied on copying image and setting it as wallpaper.

Fullscreen & Horizontal Gallery

View all files in the current folder as a thumbnail gallery, where you can quickly scroll to the desired image.

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Press G to open or close the horizontal gallery

Features smooth and beautiful animations that will adapt to your screen.

The fullscreen gallery is another way to view your images. If you close the application in fullscreen gallery mode, PicView will remember it the next time you open an image with it.

Additional Features

PicView scroll picture dark theme PicView scroll picture light theme

Press X to toggle scroll function with auto scroll (built with manga/comics in mind)

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Rotate, flip, crop, convert to different image file formats

Lossless image optimization

27 different image effects

27 different image effects

Color Picker tool

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Drag & drop and pasting from clipholder supports files, folders, URLs and archives

Sort files by: name, file size, date created, last accessed, latest edit, file extension and randomized

Loop through files in folder

Stay on top of other windows

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File management

Open file in external application

Cut, copy, send file to recycle bin or delete permanently

Show file in folder

View file properties

PicView crop picture dark theme PicView crop picture light theme

Quickly crop image by pressing C

PicView rename file light theme PicView rename file dark theme

Rename or move files by pressing F2 or right clicking the title bar

File Support

Common formats

Photoshop & Apple



Comic Book & archives *

































































*requires 7-Zip or WinRAR installed

PicView also supports reading and converting to and from Base64-image format.


PicView has been translated into the following languages:






Download for Windows

Clean, free, fast. No bloated UI. No annoying pop-ups.