PicView 1.4


58.3 MB


73.8 MB


17.6 MB


  • Added a slider in the effects window that changes the intensity of the applied effect
  • Fixed Auto Fit Window button not working
  • Optimized preloader memory usage
  • Added Ctrl + N as a shortcut for starting new window
  • Added R as a shortcut for resetting zoom
  • Fixed an issue where changing folder, during fullscreen image gallery, caused it to not add gallery thumbnails
  • Panning in fullscreen will no longer cause jumpy behavior
  • Fixed window not starting up centered, when started with no arguments
  • Fixed thumbnails not reloading when changing sorting whilst viewing image gallery
  • Added support for saving cropped picture with an effect applied
  • Clicking on the Information Window button will no longer cause the image to reload
  • Fixed an instance where the application would crash if loading file larger than 2GB

Note: .NET 6 needs to be installed to run lower file size version, but not required for the other two.

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